A Podiatrist is able to manage, diagnose and treat multiple foot conditions.

South Gippsland Hospital currently provides two podiatry services – one under Community Health and the other as a fee for service podiatry clinic:

The Community Health Podiatry service at South Gippsland Hospital is able to assist with general nail care, diabetes foot assessment, biomechanical injuries, wound management and orthotic therapy. Recently we have also added a nail surgery clinic for the treatment of ingrown toenails (available to all ages).Our service is available to any patient over the age of 65, has a chronic health condition/disability or that is eligible for a Team Care Arrangement. If you are unsure if you meet this criteria please contact the Community Health Centre to discuss this further. For those who are over the age of 65 you must contact MyAgedCare in regards to getting a referral.

The Podiatry Clinic offers affordable, comprehensive Podiatry assessments, foot and nail care, more complex treatment options and equipment or aids if required, including orthotics on a fee-for-service basis for adults, young people and children.Some private health funds offer podiatry under their ‘extras’ cover so it may be worth checking your individual policy.

Please call 5683 9780 Monday-Thursday to answer any questions.


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