Looking down Main Street

Looking down Main Street from Church Hill Road, Foster – circa 1920

The first hospital in Foster was established by Margaret McClure as a private institution on the corner of Nelson and Court Streets. The second private hospital was established on the corner of Main and Nelson Streets in 1907 by Sister Emily Hose and continued as such until 1937 when it was taken over by the public as a community hospital.

Foster Hospital

Foster Hospital

It gained public hospital status in 1941, when it was incorporated under the Hospital and Charities Act and a new building opened in Station Road in 1952.

A Community Health Centre, which is co-located on the hospital site, was opened in June 2001. This money was made available largely from hospital reserves and community fund raising. Growing demand for primary care services saw this building reach full capacity and late in 2007 the Board approved the construction of an extension to allow the organisation to meet the current and future needs of the community. The works, which were completed in November 2008, were fully funded through the Hospital’s reserves and the generous donations received from the community.

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