Information for Suppliers

Following this process, Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) aligned its procurement policies to the VGPB reforms. This reform is designed to ensure probity, planning, purchase category analysis as well as clear accountability and transparency underpin procurement models.

In 2015 HPV mandated that all health services need to comply with HPV purchasing policies and that health services must transition to the HPV procurement policies by 30 June 2016.

South Gippsland Hospital Hospital (SGH) has established a Procurement Framework that provides guidelines and protocols for conducting any procurement activity. The Framework and its associated procurement policies and procedures offer a strategy that ensures a coordinated approach to procurement at all levels of SGH. The Framework ensures strategic planning, equity of supply opportunity for local businesses and demonstrated value for money is central to SGH’s procurement activity.

Procurement Governance Framework (PGF)
Complaints Management (page5) of PGF
South Gippsland Hospital Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Contractor Induction Policy

Gifts & Gratuities

South Gippsland Hospital’s Gifts and Gratuities Policy sets out guidelines relating to the acceptance of gifts, rewards and other acknowledgements from suppliers, providers and other third parties which all SGH employees must adhere to.  In accordance with Victorian Public Sector Commission standards, SGH demonstrates openness and transparency in the publication of its Gifts Benefits and Hospitality policy and Gifts Register.


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