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Current Status: AMBER

Visitor Update 

After three years of managing the COVID-19 pandemic, with strict access rules, we have decided to follow other health services and will be adopting a risk-based approach to COVID-19 controls, effective Monday 28 August 2023.
Following external benchmarking, and internal consultation with our Operational Management Team, we will move to a traffic-light system to assign either a Green, Amber or Red status that informs actions to be taken by staff/volunteers and visitors.
The colour assigned will depend on various elements of what is happening with COVID in our community, patients, and/or number of staff affected.
These actions will sit outside our internal rigorous controls for any suspected or positive COVID patients.
Today’s message is about the visitor rules to the HOSPITAL BUILDING and what it means during different colours.

ALL colours

2 visitors per patient at a time, for up to 2 hours

NO visiting if symptomatic

Hand sanitise, sign in and out at reception


No RA Testing,

surgical masks are optional,

visiting hours between 0930am – 7pm hours daily.


No RA Testing,

no visiting to respiratory cases in isolation,

surgical mask to visit others,

visiting hours between 0930am – 7pm hours daily.


RA Testing required,

No visiting to respiratory cases in isolation,

N95’s to visit others,

Visiting hours reduced to between 0930 – 1130am and 5-7pm only

We anticipate being GREEN on Monday, but as this may change at any point it may be worth checking our website or face book page  (status to be pinned to top).


Thank you, Paul


Positive Ageing Service (PAS)

The Positive Ageing Service (PAS) is a free Advocacy and Allied Health service available to anyone over the age of 65 years or over 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

PAS focuses on supporting people with the transition into their senior years.

PAS can help people in a few different ways:

  • Help people to understand and access aged care, health and community services like My Aged Care.
  • Support people to maintain or establish social connections
  • Support people to access activities that interest them
  • Support people with their balance or increase their movement
  • Support people to maintain a healthy diet and understand their nutritional needs

The Positive Ageing Advocate is available 4 days per week, alongside a social worker, dietician and exercise physiologist.

The Positive Ageing Service is located at the Community Health Centre, with services also able to be provided in a person’s own home.

Cost: This service is free of charge.

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Annual Appeal Donations

South Gippsland Hospital receives government funding for the basic running of the health service, however we provide a wide range of services that are either not funded or only partially funded. These activities are funded by generous community support. There are several ways in which you can support the South Gippsland Hospital through a generous donation or gift.


Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to healthcare services

We welcome your feedback

“I am writing to thank everyone at the hospital who cared for (patient) during their recent stay…dedication and kindness cannot be faulted…We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful medical facility in Foster.” (Acute, July 2023)
“thank you for the warm welcome and wonderful care we received on the birth of our daughter” (Maternity, May 2023)
“…I want to thank you for the exceptional assistance you have given in a difficult time for me. I can’t thank you enough. Your help and guidance was invaluable…” (Allied Health Client, June 2023)
“all the District Nurses (and admin) have been superb. They are professional, efficient and friendly” (Community Nursing Client, March 2023)
“…to all the amazing SGH staff – THANK YOU!…We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and appreciate you all so, so much.” (Maternity, July 2023)
“Within a complex system for accessing aged care service, the Positive Ageing Service is an excellent way for our local residents to be guided, so they feel in control of their own lifestyle as they age…” (Community Member, June 2023)
“I felt really looked after and cared for every step of the way. Thank you, what a great hospital! Oh, and it was so perfectly clean too, everywhere!” (Day Surgery, March 2023)
“It’s good here – they actually care; they talk with you not at you” (Acute/TCP, September 2023)