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A shared care model exists in our local area where SGH midwives and the Foster Medical Centre General Practitioner Obstetricians work together.

Please read our “Having a Baby brochure” to learn more about the clinic hours and the recommended schedule of appointments.

To make a booking call the Foster Medical Centre on 03 5682 2088.

A regular schedule of appointments is provided as a basis for involvement in pregnancy and this can be modified if required to suit the individual and their health care needs.


We also offer an education program four times per year. This action-packed day considers topics including managing labour, sexuality, physical care and early parenting skills. The program is run by a senior midwife with guest speakers including the Well Women’s Clinic nurse and a physiotherapist.

Please read the Antenatal Education brochure for further details or talk to your clinic midwife for further information.

Extra Care Program

South Gippsland Hospital and Foster Medical Centre work with other agencies to ensure that families receive appropriate services before, during and after birthing.

Recipients of extra care may also receive additional visits.

Birthing and Postnatal Care

As a level 3 Maternity Care Hospital, only low risk pregnancies are accepted at SGH. You will be screened during your pregnancy at regular intervals by the healthcare team and for women that are admitted for the birth of their child please note that your length of stay can vary according to the type of birth, your health, and your baby’s health afterwards. Please feel free to ring at any stage of pregnancy to check in and discuss any concerns, particularly in the latter weeks.

See also the Department of Health publication: Guide to tests and investigations for uncomplicated pregnancies.

New Dads

Information is also available for Dads during the postnatal period. Beyondblue have released a new booklet with information on depression and anxiety to raise awareness on issues associated with parenthood for fathers during this period. Dad’s Handbook:  A guide to the first 12 months

Domiciliary (Home Care) follow up
All families are offered a home visit and telephone support following discharge. Discharge planning from hospital ensure relevant services (such as Maternal and Child Health) are in place to provide further support for the family.

Lactation Support is provided on an as needs basis. Please contact the hospital to speak to the Lactation consultant.

Other Resources for Families

Australian Breastfeeding Association – telephone 1800 MUM 2 MUM

Maternal and Child Health Nurse – 24 hour help line 132229