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Position Statement

Family Violence position statement

At this hospital we recognize that family violence across the life span is a complex and serious community issue, most commonly experienced by women and their children.  It has both immediate and long-term impacts on the physical, psychological and social health and well-being of those affected.
As a health service we are in a unique position to identify people at risk, sensitively enquire if we can help and make referrals to specialist family violence services if required. By doing so we will help to reduce the incidence of family violence and its impact on individuals, families, the community and the health system.
We will support our staff both professionally and personally in relation to family violence to ensure their well-being and safety.
Our vision is a future where our community is free from family violence and where healthy, respectful relationships are the norm. As a hospital we can make a significant contribution to achieving this vision and contribute to changing behaviours and community attitudes through our clinical practices, education and advocacy programs.

Child Safety position statement

South Gippsland Hospital (SGH)  has zero tolerance for child abuse. Everyone working at SGH is responsible for the care and protection of the children within our care and reporting information about suspected child abuse. Child protection is a shared responsibility between the SGH, all employees, workers, contractors, associates, and members of the SGH community.  SGH believes that all children have the right to live and grow physically, emotionally and developmentally in a safe, nurturing, empowered environment and our policy is:

  • To facilitate the prevention of child abuse occurring within SGH.
  • To work towards an organisational culture of child safety.
  • To prevent child abuse within SGH.
  • To ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities for identifying possible occasions for child abuse and for establishing controls and procedures for preventing such abuse and/or detecting such abuse when it occurs.
  • To provide guidance to staff/volunteers/contractors as to action that should be taken where they suspect any abuse within or outside of the organisation.
  • To provide a clear statement to staff/volunteers/contractors forbidding any such abuse.
  • To provide assurance that any and all suspected abuse will be reported and fully investigated.