Accreditation Certificate 2012-2015

At South Gippsland Hospital our priority is to provide a high quality of service in all operational areas of the organisation; and we are proud of the levels to which we continually achieve this. It is due not only to our customer-centric model of service delivery, which focuses on ensuring patient needs drive the quality of care we offer, but is also owing to the excellence and commitment from the many dedicated staff employed at our hospital.

We methodically monitor, evaluate and revise our quality measures and activities by means of scheduled internal auditing, patient satisfaction feedback and incident management. Outcomes are reported formally:

  • to appropriate levels of management monthly via the Executive Management Committee;
  • to the Board of Management quarterly via the Quality Systems Review Committee;
  • to staff via the six-weekly internal newsletter and Nurses Meeting Forum,
  • and;
  • to the community via the annual Quality of Care Report.

In December 2012, SGH was fully accredited for three years, according to International Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001, via a Triennial Quality Surveillance Audit. To ensure our high standards are maintained we undertake annual Accreditation reviews until our next triennial audit in 2015. As such, we are continually striving to not only uphold, but to improve the high level of care our community expects.

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