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About SGH

South Gippsland Hospital (SGH) is a public small rural health service, which combines an acute hospital with a community care service that operates from the Community Health Centre, Banksia Centre, and within people’s homes. Together with the doctors of Foster Medical Centre, SGH serves the community of Foster, Corner Inlet, and surrounding areas including Wilsons Promontory.

SGH officially opened in 1952, the Community Health Centre opened in 1983 and SGH has had full use of the Banksia Centre since 2022.  The first hospital in Foster was established by Sr Margaret McClure as a private hospital on the corner of Nelson and Court street. A second private hospital was established on the corner of Main and Nelsons streets by Sr Emily Hoe in 1907, until it became a public community hospital in 1937.

Construction of the new operating theatre and refurbished maternity suite was completed in 2020, which coincided with the refurbishment of the Banksia Centre. Since then, significant upgrades to staff and patient amenities, as well as infrastructure,  equipment and the grounds has ensured that SGH maintains a safe and contemporary environment for all.

Our Vision, Strategic Focus and Values

Our Vision

Delivering the best and safest health care for our community

Our Strategic Focus

Four interconnected areas of

  1. Caring and quality services
  2. Valuing all our people
  3. Purposeful positive partnerships

Underpinned by

  1. Sound and aligned funding

Our Core Values

  • Accountability: accepting responsibility for our actions
  • Trust: acting with integrity and being able to count on each other.
  • Excellence: doing our best at all times and looking for ways to improve.
  • Adaptability: being flexible and accepting of new ideas and change for the better.
  • Mutual respect: treating others in the way we want to be treated.


SGH Strategic Plan 2023-2025



South Gippsland Hospital is committed to installing appropriate controls and procedures to prevent, detect, deter and deal with fraud and unethical conduct. Whilst this is the case, if you believe you have good reason to suspect anyone at SGH is engaged in fraud or an offence involving the Health Service’s trust, or a serious infringement of the Health Service’s rules, you should discuss the matter confidentially: by telephone; in writing; in person with the CEO or Chair of the Board; or IBAC under the Protected Disclosures Policy or the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012. This Act recognises that improper or corrupt conduct by SGH employees, officers or other staff within the public services or actions that involve reprisals against any person making a protected disclosure will not be tolerated.

Please see our Fraud, Corruption and Other Losses Policy

You may register your concerns by contacting either the CEO or Chair of the Board at the following email address:
• CEO, Paul Greenhalgh Paul.Greenhalgh@sghs.com.au
• Board Chair, David Pollard Board.Chair@sghs.com.au

When you register your concerns please be sure to outline the following:
• Date of event/s (if known)
• Money or property affected
• Description of event / incident
• Value of asset/s (if known)
• Any other relevant details

Conflict of Interest Policy


Other Important Information

Freedom of Information Statement

Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

SGH Gifts and Benefits Register – 2021-22

SGH Gifts and Benefits Register – 2022-23

SGH Gifts and Benefits Register – 2023-24

Public Interest Disclosure


CEO Paul Greenhalgh and former Board Chair Sue Pilkington (2016-2023)