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Infant Hearing Screening

What we do

The Victorian Infant Hearing Screening program (VIHSP) checks the hearing of newborn babies in their first weeks of life. The hearing screen is one of the routine health checks babies receive after birth.

The screen is performed by trained hearing screeners and is completed while the baby is asleep.

How you access

All babies born in Victoria are offered the hearing screen. You will be contacted by VIHSP after birth to arrange for the hearing screen to be completed. Alternatively, you can contact the Gippsland region VIHSP office (see below).

Who can use our service?

This service is provided by VIHSP for any baby born or residing in Victoria.

Are there any fees?

This service is provided free of charge.

Who do I contact?

For further information go to www.rch.org.au/vihsp or to book an appointment please contact the Gippsland VIHSP office, Monday to Friday on: (03) 5173 8895 or gippsland.vihsp@rch.org.au

What to bring

Bring your baby’s My Health and Development Record (green book), and the results will be documented there.