A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who can assess and diagnose people to help prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and disabilities.

Physiotherapists have knowledge about how the body moves and functions and can work with people of all ages to overcome problems following an operation, illness, accident or injury.

Our physiotherapist works from Monday to Thursday with inpatients in the hospital and clients in the community.


In the hospital the physiotherapist can see a wide range of patients, for example, those who have had a fall, have a chest infection or decreased mobility and will work with the nursing and allied health team to help patients get home safely. The physiotherapist can also see midwifery patients to help women with recovery after giving birth.


The physiotherapist runs an outpatient rehabilitation clinic and can assist clients with:

  • recovery from an orthopaedic operation
  • recovery from a neurological condition for example, a stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease
  • recovery from injury or recent illness
  • Mobility review

All clients complete an individual assessment with the physiotherapist where they discuss their main problems and goals, the physiotherapist then works with the client to develop a care plan that is individual to the client’s needs .There is a strong focus on education to enable the client to help themselves, for example with exercise. If required, the physiotherapist will continue your care in our General Rehabilitation Group. Complex clients can be assessed and reviewed by our Complex Care Team and if the client is likely to require ongoing individual Physiotherapy, the therapist might refer the client to a Private Physiotherapist.

The physiotherapist is involved with the following programs/groups:

  • General Rehabilitation Group
  • Transition Care Program
  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic and Group
  • Falls and Balance Group
  • Ante-natal Clinic

For more information please phone the Community Health Centre between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Thursday on 5683 9780.

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