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Health Promotion

What is Primary Prevention and Health Promotion?

  • Primary prevention aims to prevent disease or injury before it ever occurs.
  • Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health and wellbeing.

Your Prevention Team

The Prevention Team work collectively across the sub-region with pooled health promotion resources from Gippsland Southern Health Service, Bass Coast Health, South Gippsland Hospital and South Coast Primary & Community Partnership. The team was created in 2019 to provide clear policy direction and deliver better alignment of prevention work to the broader health agenda across the sub-region. The team are based at the South Coast PCP office in Wonthaggi but work out of the health services each week.

Rebecca Scott, Prevention Manager: rebeccas@southcoastpcp.org.au mobile: 0418 672 135

Sarah Green, Health Promotion Officer: sarahg@southcoastpcp.org.au mobile: 0409 798 861

Rachel Sands, Health Promotion Officer: rachels@southcoastpcp.org.au mobile: 0457 459 094

Janelle Smyth, Health Promotion Officer: janelles@southcoastpcp.org.au mobile: 0457 207 067

Beth Allan, Health Promotion Officer: betha@southcoastpcp.org.au mobile: 0438 057 040

What is happening in Primary Prevention and Health Promotion in 2020-2021?

Healthy Eating. The Prevention Team, together with South Gippsland Shire Council and Bass Coast Shire Council, are working with Neighbourhood/Community Houses to increase the availability, access and promotion of healthy options available to staff, volunteers and visitors.

Active Living. The Prevention Team have been successful in obtaining a Health Promotion Innovation Grant to target the physical activity of older adults across the South Coast promoting the use of the natural environment of the South Coast.

Sexual & Reproductive Health. The prevention team work with partners across Gippsland to implement the Gippsland Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy 2017-2021. The team also work with schools across the South Coast to implement the Sexual Health and Wellbeing Benchmark of the Achievement Program.

Family Violence. The Prevention Team work with schools across the South Coast and the Department of Education supporting them to implement the Respectful Relationships initiative. The Prevention Manager chairs the South Coast Partnership to Prevent Men’s Violence Against Women and as a partner the Prevention Team worked together with local theatre creatives to produce a series of videos that promotes prevention of men’s violence against women messaging.

Health Services. The Prevention Team worked with South Gippsland Hospital to produce a Health and Wellbeing New Employee (or Volunteer) Welcome Pack. The electronic document provides useful information relating to staff health and wellbeing opportunities at South Gippsland Hospital. In addition, the Prevention Team has supported the development of the Workplace Healthy Eating and Catering policy along with a Healthy Catering Menu.

Schools and Early Years Centres. The Prevention Team work with early childhood services and schools across the South Coast to implement the Achievement Program. Each term the Prevention Team develop a South Coast Healthy Schools Newsletter and South Coast Healthy Early Childhood Service Newsletter with opportunities, practical ideas and resources to support their school and service to improve the health and wellbeing of their community.

2020 Campaign Calendar. The Prevention Campaigns included in this calendar are aligned to the priorities in the 2017-2021 Integrated Health Promotion Plan, Council Health and Wellbeing Plans, the Victorian Health & Wellbeing Plan and supported by local health data. The Prevention Campaigns are implemented by Bass Coast Health, South Gippsland Hospital and Gippsland Southern Health Service and reinforced by the work of our partners (Councils, YMCA, Gippsport, Schools etc). Our activities are coordinated across organisations to avoid isolated efforts and generate the greatest improvements in the health of our community.

All our projects are listed in our Annual Action Plan

Like to know more?

To find out more about the team, our projects and resources please visit our website

If there is a specific issue you would like us to address or project you would like help with please email rebeccas@southcoastpcp.org.au

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